David Judson Clemmons

The momentum of a songwriter has its own mind-

and as our world of music is laced with constant change, success and failure, Clemmons has an inept ability to predict, and adapt, to these changes.  Bringing forth one musicial masterpiece after another,

Since his first major label release with Damn the Machine in 1992, through his acclaimed solo release “Life in the Kingdom of Agreement” 2004,  up to the most recent mind blowing release as JUD “Generation Vulture” 2016

Clemmons is know worldwide as an artist with something remarkable to share, as each release takes the listener to a new dimension and level, while constantly carrying his trademark of – no compromise, no selling out…

“Cherokee” comes as the latest single from Clemmons, A moving energetic track with haunting vocals from long time partner Anne de Wolff (DJC/Fullbliss/Jud)

“Your Fire” is a track that has been years in the making, performed solo and here the first time as a full band track. A song lyrically meant to capture the struggle between dark and light, as one forced to constantly work to support not only oneself and family, but the art itself, as well. In 2018 it is rare that an underground artist, can fully support oneself from music. This creates a great tension, and in the transition between closing his Antique workshop in Berlin, and moving back toward music this Video clip shows in a realistic light, this inner fight.

Lyrically, the chorus “So awesome the sun/Lay me down upon my love” shines brightly optimistic, after an extremely personal and private verse. You will here elements of Clemmons’ style in this track, supported here by long time partners James Schmidt-drums (JUD/Fullbliss) and Steve Cordrey (JUD)

“If I am breathing, I am singing, and of all the things in the world I know, I know the most, that music is my lifeline to reality, and is my job to keep going, even when there is no reward but the music itself, in sight “

David Judson Clemmons

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